Elevatto Leaf

Elevatto Leaf  is a liquid fertilizer that contains a high concentration of free amino acids extracted from plant origins.. It is also characterized by being rich in microelements necessary for the plant.

Elevatto Leaf   is characterized by being rich in the amino acid  Proline.  which works to resist the difficult conditions and stress to which the plant is exposed  (thirst heat cold ).

Elevatto Leaf    : It is characterized by the amino acid (lysine alanine valine )  which increases the vegetative total, growth and early cropping, and the plant builds carbohydrates. .

Elevatto Leaf  is highly soluble in water , designed for rapid absorption and penetration, giving quick results..

Elevatto Leaf  works to strengthen the plant's immune system, as it increases the plant's ability to withstand difficult weather conditions and resist drought and diseases..

Elevatto Leaf  supports plant growth in different stages..

Elevatto Leaf  increases production and improves its quality by enhancing the process of photosynthesis and physiological processes entering the plant, , increasing the sugar content of the fruits..

Elevatto Leaf  helps absorb foliar fertilizers for plants.  Elevatto Leaf is used on all crops in the form of a foliar spray or with any irrigation system.

Contentsw/v %
Free Amino Acids18.6 %
Zn1.00 %
Mn1.00 %
S1.13 %
The cropUsage rate Watering Ground additions drip irrigation
vegetable crops pepper Tomato eggplant At a rate of 150-200cm/100liters of water  It is used at a rate of 1.5-2.5 liters per acre in one treatment on four times during the entire stages of growth  
Field and fodder cropsAt a rate of 100-150cm/100liters of water
Fruit treesAt a rate of 150-200cm/100liters of water
Banana trees              At a rate of 100-150cm/100liters of water
Olive treesAt a rate of 100-150cm/100liters of water