Seipafol Zn Mn

Seipafol Zn Mn  is a compound intended to compensate for the deficiency of manganese and zinc chelated on gluconic acid, which facilitates the blind absorption in general in calcareous and a lkaline soils.

Seipafol Zn Mn  contains zinc, which plays a key role in the production of plant hormones from amino acids such as tryptophan and converting it to produce indole.

 Seipafol Zn Mn is easily soluble in water and is easily absorbed by the leaves and roots of various crops.

Seipafol Zn Mn  contains manganese, activates respiration processes and energy production within the plant and works to regulate the two forms of iron inside the plant.

Seipafol Zn Mn  is necessary to complete the natural growth process of plants by forming the amino acids needed to increase the efficiency of plant water absorption.

Seipafol Zn Mn  is included in the composition of enzymes, which leads to the activation of new growths, which helps plants to contract and flower and increase production.

Seipafol Zn Mn  is the most effective for the treatment of the most common physiological diseases due to the deficiency of these two elements. Seipafol Zn Mn works as a fungicide, preventive and curative for some fungal diseases.

ContentsVolume weight%
Gluconic acid53%
pH 6.0±0.5 Density=1.26g/cm³
The cropUsage rate WateringGround additions drip irrigation
fruit trees Olive treesAt a rate of 100-150 cm / 100 liters of water    It is used at a rate of 1.5 - 4 liters as a ground treatment in all crops It is repeated according to the development of the vegetative system and the need of the plant
potatoAt a rate of 250-350 cm / 100 liters of water
grapesAt a rate of 150350 cm/ 100 litres of water
citrusAt a rate of 150350cm/ 100 litres of water
Tomato - pepper - eggplant200 - 300 cm / 100 liters of water

Seipafol Zn Mn is miscible with most known pesticides and fertilizers.