Santal Foliar 20-20-20

Santal Foliar 20-20-20 A high solubility foliar fertilizer that consists of the major and minor elements important to the plant, as it provides the plant with the important nitrogen element in the photosynthesis process and increase the vegetative growth in the plant

Santal Foliar 20-20-20 element Nitrogen component in biuret urea (0.3%) and potassium nitrate, which facilitate the absorption of nitrogen and give effective results on the vegetative system and balance the absorption of the compound.

Santal Foliar 20-20-20 is a component that contains phosphorous, which is a component of soil absorbent agents present in the soil.Phosphorous works to provide the energy compounds that the plant needs to complete its vital processes

Santal Foliar 20-20-20 contains potassium in the form of potassium nitrate, which is the best and easiest form for potassium absorption in the plant, which acts as a carrier of elements inside the plant

Santal Foliar 20-20-20 contains a mixture of microelements chelated on EDTA and completely soluble in water and important in all stages of plant growth

Santal Foliar 20-20-20 is a fertilizer rich in fertilizing and stimulating elements for growth in a balanced form that is easy to absorb at all stages of plant growth.

Santal Foliar 20-20-20 is a balanced fertilizer compound used in all stages of plant growth.

ContentsVolume weight%
Potassium nitrate
urea (Biuret 0.3%)
mono ammonium phosphate
mono ammonium phosphate
Potassium nitrate 
Potassium sulfate

Usage rate: 200 - 300 g / 100 liters of water

The cropStage of use
Vegetable crops (tomatoes - potatoes - cucumbers)During the middle growth stages, after flowering and knots
Field cropsBranching phase and stem elongation
feedDuring the vegetative growth phase and after each application
fruit treesDuring the vegetative growth stage
Decoration plantsWeekly
Repeat 2 - 5 times during the season and according to the plant's need